Doll Diapers with FREE PATTERN

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 I’m pretty excited about this post. I was at DI the other week and I found a doll stroller for $2. Since Vylette has been so interested in her dolls lately she was in heaven and she constantly pushes her dolls everywhere. Then I thought it would be fun to make some little accessories for her dolls.

And since she understands the whole diaper thing from experience I knew she’d love it when her dolls had diaper too!

So I’m passing on my creation!

You’ll need: 

(I made this for a 12″ doll, if you doll is a different size you can print the pattern larger or smaller in your printer settings)

Diaper Pattern (Click here to download)

a few designs of flannel fabric (I bought a few fat quarts at my local fabric store, but then used about 1/4 of it for one diaper)

white felt or fleece for the insides of the diapers (I used less than 1/2 yard for my 7 diapers)

velcro (2 sets (coarse and soft side) for each diaper 

Sewing machine with thread


Now for the fun part!

cut out fabric, sew around, leaving an opening for turning inside out

  1. Get your fabric
  2. From the pattern cut one from the flannel fabric and one from the fleece/felt
  3. Pin right sides together
  4. sew along the outside, leaving an open space in the back.


clip curves, and turn right side out    4. Then clip all the curves using scissors making sure not to clip any thread from the seam.

    5. Now turn right side out.


fold in fabric a the opening, pin all the way across the opening

6. At the opening fold in both fabrics about 1/4″ and pin. Continue all the way across the opening.


sew close opening, sew on velcro and you're done!     7. Sew across the opening. Before you sew of the velcro next, put the diaper on the doll and wrap around the tabs where the velcro will go. Here is the waist needs to be adjusted you can sew the velcro further in on the fabric for a tighter fit. or farther out of the fabric for a wider waist.

     8. Then sew on the velcro. The coarse side of the velcro should be on the front outside of the diaper. And the soft side should be on the back inside of the diaper. TO make sure the velcro is secure sew all the way around, and then make an X through the middle with your sewing machine.


AND You’re DONE! Enjoy!

free doll diaper pattern

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  1. says

    When my daughter was little I fashioned a few of these for her dollies, nowhere near as nicely made as this.
    Now I’m wishing I’d put a bit more effort in! This is a lovely idea, having clothes for dolls that are easy to put on and take off and that don’t fall apart after 5 minutes is so important.

  2. Lorena says

    My daughter is going to LOVE these! I love your choice of fabrics too. This is meant to be a fabric store trip day. Thnak you for graciously sharing your pattern.


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